Aris rešetke

Although classified as small and medium enterprise, the company has already, in the first months of existence, positioning itself as a manufacturer of metal gratings, fences and stairs for industrial usage with primarily export activities and main focus to become the best choice for its customers, offering them quality products, reasonable prices and excellent delivery times.
Through constant training of employees, sales strategy dominated by flexibility in negotiations and understanding for customer needs, the company is positioning itself in the domestic market too.
Technically qualified staff produces various types of products from the grid, using imported raw material:

Forge-welded gratings (TYPE A)

Pressure-locked gratings (TYPE B)

Interpenetrated gratings (TYPE C)


Fences and gates


Drains & Pits
Practical application of the above mentioned products is possible in the oil industry, thermal and hydroelectric power plants, food industry (silos, warehouses, depots), sports facilities, construction industry, road network, cement industry, within mobile telephony network and many other practices.

The main motto of our company is to ensure healthy working conditions and the opportunity for a productive life of its employees, developing an environment that is in harmony with nature and taking particular care of the needs and requirements of its co-workers and clients.